College Scholarship Info

Dear Seniors,
Attached please find a booklet with a list of scholarships. Many of these scholarships have special eligibility criteria so be sure to review all criteria carefully before applying.   Also, please note that these scholarships have specific deadline dates that an application must be electronically submitted by or they have a ‘postmarked’ deadline, in which case you must get your application to the post office before it closes so that it is ‘postmarked’ for that day. Keep in mind that seniors are applying for scholarships for the 2017-18 school year, or the first year they will in college.
I will be posting this booklet on Naviance’s Document Library (found on right side of home page) and will make new booklets as I receive new scholarships so please check your email and the Document Library for new booklets. 
For each scholarship you apply to that requires school documents (transcript, letter, or other), please complete and submit to me the attached scholarship form.
Additional Sites to do Mass Scholarship Searches: Please be careful these sites can open the door to spam. PVCICS does not endorse these sites and cannot guarantee their efficacy, but they may be a helpful resource for some students. Also note that you should NEVER have to pay money for information on scholarships.
SCHOLAR SNAPP (Profile can be created on the website or by using your Common App account.)





-Maria Paoletti, School Guidance Counselor