Pi Night! Volunteers needed to make pies!

In case you haven’t heard about Pi Night, it is on Tuesday March 14, 5-7pm, in the PVCICS gymnasium.  The event is free for students and their families to attend.  Dinner is included as well as games, crafts, Pi memorization competition, pie eating contest, etc.

The Family Association will be giving the proceeds from the Pi Night event to the 8th grade class to be used toward an end of year trip or graduation celebration.  Please go to the sign up link below if you are able to volunteer to provide a pie for the silent auction.  It would be best to have a variety of different kinds of pies.  It’s okay to sign up to make/provide the same kind of pie that someone has all ready signed up for though.  Berry pies, cream pies, chicken pot pie, etc.  For more ideas, just Google Pi Night ideas or something of the like.

Eighth grade students are also needed to run the silent auction table.  Sign-up to volunteer is also included in the link below.


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