Parking Information – May 12th


  • The school is now working with Hadley police and fire to come up with a plan. The mall has been very nice. They are upset about people parking in the fire lanes, other illegal areas and taking parking spots that should be used for their customers.
  • The email previously sent to the PVCICS community by Principal Kathy Wang did not mean that there is a ban on parking at the mall. However, the school cannot authorize families to park at the mall as it is not the school’s property.
  • Possible solutions being explored:
    • Looking at additional bussing (Northampton, Amherst). One bus for the year costs $50,000. This would be for the coming year.
    • Looking at having a late bus for those who stay after school for activities. This would be for the coming year.
    • Considering curbside drop-off
    • Bussing MS and HS students for pick-up time to a satellite location such as the Hadley American Legion. Note: Not possible due to sate using legion parking lot for construction project on Rte. 9
    • Looking for ways to decrease the number of cars that need to come to school though half of PVCICS students are all ready in some form of group transport or biking (bus, carpool)
  • Parent said that though there may be staggered pick-up times, it doesn’t always work out that way if teachers and admin/office staff are not running things on time.
  • Parent suggested publishing that carpool pick-up is at 4:10 not 4:15.
  • Parent suggested having kids make signs to be placed outside that say “No Parking,” “No Stopping Here,” etc.
  • Parent suggestion to have teachers and staff park elsewhere. Perhaps talking to the Salvation Army about using their back lot that is always empty. Administration and some teachers and staff are not comfortable with this idea.




May 11, 2016


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