Minutes from May 11 Panel

Panel Discussion

May 12, 2016



  • Principal, Kathy Wang graduated from MIT, math & technology
    • Start-up plan for PVCICS is a 15 year roll-out, now in year 9
  • Executive Director, Richard Alcorn, Engineering & Business/Sales & Marketing background
    • Tried to get local schools to teach Chinese before starting PVCICS
  • Director of Education, HsiuWen Hsieh, BA inEarly Childhood Education, Psychology and Art, Masters in Curriculum & Instruction from Lesley University
    • Previous teaching experience was at a private school
  • IB Program Director and Teacher, Patrice MacPherson
    • Taught for several years in Barcelona and Moscow in IB programs
  • Athletic Director, Mike Rooney, has worked in the field of education for 30 years
    • Teacher
    • Administrator, principal at several area schools for 20 years
  • Director of Student Services, Marilyn Kusek
    • Began teaching in 1983
    • Started with Polish ELL students in Chicago
    • Boarding home for North American students (Lakota Sioux)
    • Experience working in SPED, day TX program for behaviorally challenged students
    • Masters in administration (assistant principal)

Charter Amendment

  • In 2013 asked for charter amendment of 240 additional students and were approved for just 140
    • Ask and ask again for additional head count until state relents
    • If you don’t have the head count, it is difficult to plan where the school is going to be
  • 2008 asked the state for expansion into a high school and applied for the FLAP grant (Foreign Language Assistance Program)
    • awarded $1.2 grant to provide a K-12 program
    • first K-12 Chinese immersion program in the country
  • 2014 applied for full head count for the high school and were denied
  • 2016 have asked state to reconsider 2014 decision
  • Goal is to have 5 cohorts per grade in high school and 4 cohorts per grade in the middle school
    • Trying to use the successful Sturgis School model
    • This change will occur over many years
  • Currently charter is for 584 head count
  • Currently there are 430 students enrolled
  • If the charter amendment is not approved, entry points for expansion will need to be limited
  • Will be at maximum number of slots in 2 years which means we will only have as many open slots as there are students that graduate or from attrition.
  • near term problem is we need headcount to justify a loan to build a new high school
  • longer term problem is the allocated headcount won’t support our growing population
  • state only allowed 140 students for the high school
  • will need additional space after next school year (2016-17)

IB For All

  • IB program was developed in the 1960’s for transient students (children of diplomats, etc.)
  • Program is universal so that if a student moves to another country or area, he/she can pick up where he/she left off (consistency of education)
  • IB program is not a multiple choice program except when it comes to the sciences
  • Not all students need to do the full IB program and take the test for the full IB diploma. Can choose to do just a few of the higher level courses and receive a regular diploma.
  • There are standard level and higher level courses
  • Common core and IB are aligned
  • Incredible amount of training and development goes into being an IB teacher
  • Online training, writing curriculum and then online training again, face to face training for 2 days
  • IB program is altered and revised about every 7 years, so teachers need to be retrained
  • Need to get renewed every 5 years to be an IB school
  • IB has multiple language levels, the mother tongue and the second language. The second language curriculum is designed for someone who is starting it in 9th grade to reach the highest level by 12th
  • A student entering in 9th grade will get the equivalent of 8 years of Chinese by the time s/he graduates
  • IB Music, for students with proficiency

Flow of administration

  • Hsieh Laoshi takes the lead on K-12 curriculum and has 2 teacher leaders (K-5 & 6-8)
  • Marilyn Kusek is the K-8 administrator
  • Miller is CAS coordinator for the IB program (Creativity, Action, Service)
  • Patrice MacPherson is the IB administrator

Training and Development

  • Chinese teachers meet in two separate groups (K-5, 6th-11th) once a month for 1-1.5 hours and 10 days in August for professional development and training plus 5 days after last day of school
Date/Team Topics
8/25 K-5 Chinese Assessment Result for SP 2015

Summer Curriculum Committee Result

Curriculum Template


8/26 6-11 Chinese Assessment Result for SP 2015

Summer Curriculum Committee Result

Curriculum Template


8/26 All Staff Teaching like a champion (Dr. Burch)

Auditory Processing (Michelle Buisvert)


8/27 All Staff Response to Intervention (Abbie)

K-8 Second Step Social Curriculum (Dr. Burch & Shaleen)

Mandatory Legal Training – Civil Right & Discipline (Amy D.)

Incident Reporting & Behavior Management (Marilyn)


8/28 All Staff Student Health (Nurses)

Mandatory Special Education Training (Rose)

Mass Evaluation System


9/1 K-11 Chinese School Goal – Building Literacy

How to encourage L2 students to read for pleasure?

How to use reading to become a better writer?


9/9 K-5 Chinese Reading and Writing Chinese – Practical Strategies (Yu-ju)


9/23 6-11 Chinese Reading and Writing Chinese – Practical Strategies (Su)


10/14 K-5 Chinese Classroom Management – Responsive Classroom & Positive Discipline


10/21 6-11 Chinese Classroom Management – Responsive Classroom & Positive Discipline


11/10 K-11 Chinese Parents Communication – email, phone call and in person

Guided reading in Chinese (Yu-ju & Shuyan)

12/9 K-5 Chinese Language objectives VS Content Objectives

Accurate Assessment


12/16 6-11 Chinese Mid-year assessment review

Understanding IBDP (Zhaohong )


1/25 K-11 Chinese

Curriculum Day

K-5 SOPA Training

6-11 Review teaching materials for vertical alignment

Chinese Radical (Xiaoying) & Grammar Usage (Fei)


2/12 K-11 Chinese Chinese New Year Project

Food & Culture


2/24 6-11 Chinese Classroom Management –

Building effective routines & Organizing teaching materials (Chia-wen)


3/18 K-11 Chinese

Curriculum Day

Testing scheduling & Test Taking Strategies

K-2 SOPA (Hsinpei); 3-5 STAMP4se (Yu-ju); 6-11 STAMP4s (Su)


3/18 K-5

Content Teacher Meeting

K-5 Math & Science collaboration – (Chia-ju)

Alignment with MA standards & Content Support

Content related reading materials


3/23 6-11 Chinese MS/HS open house


4/13 K-5 Chinese Activities Share:

How does co-teaching work? (Xinyang & Dan)

Get your students moving! (Xiaoshi & Lele)

Differentiation with station rotation (Hsiao-wen)


4/27 6-11 Chinese Teaching language in context & Educational technology (Chiao-li)


5/11 K-5 Chinese American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language share (Hsiao-wen & Chia-ju)

Review STAMP Result


5/25 6-11 Chinese National Chinese Language Conference share (Zhaohong)

Year End Presentation


6/8 Visa Application FAQ – Dan Burger


6/22 K-11 Chinese Transition meeting – teacher hand shake with all teaching materials/ curriculum binders/ assessment data/ classroom supply


Classroom management

  • Responsive classroom and Second Step are used


  • The public website is not meant to be a full parent resource
  • Request was made to redesign the parent portal
  • A part-time IT person has been hired
    • Upgrading software


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