What is the PAC? If you’re like me, before I joined it, you probably see on the calendar that there is a PAC meeting (sometimes listed as School Council meeting), but wonder what it is when it appears on the yearly calendars. The PAC is the Parent Advisory Committee.  The handbook indicates that the PAC is a committee the Principal (Kathy) consults monthly for school policy discussions. It’s similar to the monthly Principal Conversation Time, but is intended to include 1 parent from each grade level, which ensures that a wider variety of opinions is represented. The representatives are officially appointed by the Principal. Here is the summary the school provides about the PAC:

“The PAC gathers input from parents/guardians and communicates feedback about proposed changes to school policy to the Principal. The Principal will notify the PAC of the proposed changes to school policy and include a timeline for the collection of feedback. The Principal may also employ the PAC to gather feedback about other matters. The PAC has members who (1) are parents/guardians of currently enrolled students from each grade level at PVCICS, (2) represent a variety of perspectives, such as grade levels, years spent at the school, towns, etc., (3) serve as grade level contact to gather input from parents and communicate parental feedback to the Principal about proposed changes to school policy, and (4) serve at the discretion of the Principal for terms typically one year. The PAC is not designed to address individual grievances or complaints that do not pertain to school-wide policy.”

Ideally, each grade PAC representative is a resource between parents in that grade and the administration. Currently, there are  openings in Kindergarten, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade. If you would like more information about what the PAC does, or are interested in serving as a representative, contact Principal Wang. If you’d like to speak to a current PAC representative about your interest in joining, feel free to contact Mandi Jo Hanneke.


Mandi Jo Hanneke

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