Class Parents Donations

Use this page to donate securely to your child’s class. Donations will be tracked for each class and funds will be used for teacher and staff gifts. Click on your child’s graduation year below to see your Class Parent(s), their contact information, and to donate via PayPal. Contact Co-Chairs Christina or Pamela at with any questions you may have.

High School (Classes of 2025, 2024, 2023 & 2022)


Middle School Donations

6th, 7th & 8th Grades (Class of 2028, 2027 & 2026)

Class Parents Needed

5th Grade (Class of 2029)

Kelsey Camire (

Stephanie Rendulic (


4th Grade (Class of 2030)

Kie Kuwabara (

Stephanie Rendulic (

Jessica Tuttle (


3rd Grade (Class of 2031)

Sophie Hermann (

Valerie Hooper (

Tara Lindros (


2nd Grade (Class of 2032)

Bri Maier (

Anna Steffen (


1st Grade (Class of 2033)

Candice Branche (

Rose Parente (

Lara Sup (

Kindergarten (Class of 2034)

Class Parents Needed