2017 School Store 2

Order your PVCICS Dragon Gear Now

Important information

The FA has water bottles and chopsticks in inventory so if you order online we can put a water bottle aside for you to pick up in the office.

The FA DOES NOT currently have an inventory of clothing items with the new logo. We placed an order on 8/30. After that, we will place another order when there is sufficient demand.

We have limited inventory of items in old designs (mostly child and adult size small) that we sell at some FA events and after the back to school event may have limited inventory with the new logo. If you are interested in finding out if we have a particular style or size in inventory, contact Maggie Solis, the FA Treasurer

How to Order

When you order, make sure to include an email address you check regularly in case we need to contact you.

Your cart may not pop up and you may need to manually navigate to the new tab or window with your cart. If you are having issues while using Paypal, please close all windows and try again. If trouble persists, please contact Maggie Solis, the FA Treasurer.

Think you could do it better?

Have ideas about how to improve the online school store what items we should sell? Want to volunteer to put together an order? We’d love to hear from you. Please email Maggie Solis, the FA Treasurer.

Aluminum Water Bottle 26 oz.  $10

PVCICS Chopsticks $5